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Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorisation

To whom it may concern:

We authorise the following Legal Entity and/or persons acting on behalf of said Legal Entity to apply for and/or manage Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) on our behalf. In addition, they are authorised to sign the RapidLEI Terms of Service contract (, and they can perform all duties required to manage the LEI on our behalf.

We confirm and agree to transfer our LEI number to RapidLEI (, a GLEIF accredited LEI issuer (LOU) with assistance of Register-LEI CA GmbH, official Registration Agent of the GLEIF and Partner of RapidLEI. After the transfer, we agree to renew our LEI number with RapidLEI.

We understand that to complete the LEI renewal process our LEI will be transferred from the current LEI provider to RapidLEI. We also agree that the contact details of the Legal Entity representative will be forwarded to the current LEI provider for transfer approval.

Transfer from: {{shipping_company}}
Transfer to: RapidLEI, owned by Ubisecure Inc, LEI:529900T8BM49AURSDO55
Authorised Entity: Register-LEI CA GmbH, LEI: 984500064E5B40721438


We certify that we are authorised to grant to the following Legal Entity, permission as described above.

Legal Entity Name: {{billing_company}}

Legal Entity Address: {{billing_address_1}}, {{billing_postcode}} {{billing_city}}

First Name(s), Last Name(s): {{billing_first_name}} {{billing_last_name}}

{{billing_city}}, July 14, 2024

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